I TEND TO SAY OVERWHELMED was birthed out of long-term anxiety and everything that comes with it: from ongoing stress, unease, procrastination, panic attacks and broken relationships to overall life stall. 

It’s a bit of a tribute, a bit of a call to action, or just an excuse to chat about what bothers us and why.

I TEND TO SAY OVERWHELMED is an ongoing project featuring, portraits, interviews and intermittent thoughts.

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‘So some days I’m really good. Some days I’m not. And that’s just it. I’ve noticed if I have a routine though! But it’s silly, I feel silly for having to write out a routine like: get up, get in the shower, to have to do things in a certain order. I can’t just get up and have breakfast. Because then it will take me ages to get a shower and everything gets pushed back. It’s crazy. And it’s not that hard.’ - Kayla

‘You try to talk to somebody, and you say something but you overthink everything you said and then you feel stupid and then you feel more stupid and it’s like a viscious cycle. You can’t even hear people at some point, ‘cause your mind becomes so loud and like I don’t understand what I’m thinking. It’s a big mess so you just need to shut down for a bit.’

- Aqua

‘It feels like anxiety is being human as well to a point. And I guess it’s also your association of or what you perceive as danger. Which is probably quite irrational a lot of the time but it seems pretty logical in your head. Until it’s a physical thing you don’t think about it too much, ‘cause it’s just like, oh it’s just in my head. But then also you don’t know that other people aren’t feeling the same thing too. It’s one of them weird mental health things I guess.’
- Aidan

‘Honestly when I’m really anxious, leaving the house is the last thing I wanna do. I’m working on it though!’
- Lauren

‘With so much time of our adult lives given to working a career (which we might love or hate) it can be difficult to spend time on other things like the people we love, the things we want to explore and the developments we want to create in our personal lives.’
- Patrick

‘I like to make lists a lot. I’m a list writer. I don’t tick anything off of them but I’ll write a list. I’ll write a mean list. Even when I’m rushing somewhere I’ll make a list of things I need to do. For me it just channels it into a step by step process.’
- Zuleha

‘I did realise that I don’t really push myself because of that complete utter fear of something being awful before I even started it. Or just not seeing failure as an option, when that’s like the most important part of creating and I’m so aware of that but I just get so stressed about it so that’s one whole thing.’
- Milly

‘After Uni, all my best friends went down to live in London. After that, my failsafe technique wasn’t so failsafe anymore, and I started to get massively anxious about social situations. I think that, paired with the fact I probably have abandonment issues from being sent off to boarding school at about 14, meant that everyone leaving definitely triggered the anxiety.’
- Jess